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Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed and need to make changes in your life but don't know where to start?

Ready to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy, Get Your Marriage Back to The Honeymoon Phase And (Inspire!) Your Kids To

Do More For You Around the House?

Then, Read on...

Just like Martin Luther King, you had a dream.

Maybe that your marriage would be one long, never-ending date. Your kids would be happy, healthy and always helpful.

And, you created a clear, achievable vision for your career path.

Yet, somewhere between your wedding day and where you stand now, that dream life has shattered into a million pieces.

Maybe you feel like your marriage is yet another thing to manage on your endless “to do” list.

You feel resentful having to practically drag your husband to one more couples therapy session - that isn’t even working.

And sure, your career is a success, but it’s hard to enjoy what you’ve achieved when you work all day and don’t get the support you need when you’re home.

The kids grumble at everything you ask them to do.

You can clean and organize everything better and faster, so you do everything yourself.

You don’t even bother making requests of your partner for fear of another argument erupting.

Not to mention the acute, sting of envy every time you’re around those families whose husbands step up and produce and have happy kids that seem to have their SH*!T together.

Sure, you keep up “appearances” - to the point where everyone thinks you’re the ideal model of a woman who has it ALL.

If only they knew, right?

And most likely, every time you lay your head down a night, you keep asking yourself...

How did I get here?

It’s probably the most common question I get asked from successful women like you who are in the same place you are right now.

And the way you “got here” is not from being broken, faulty or through a lack of effort on your part to change things.

It’s more to do with how our current society is set up.

Many women believe in order to “HAVE it all” they have to DO it ALL.

Hi, I’m Dr. Gina Madrigrano, a veteran Psychologist who has specialized in parenting and both child and adult psychology for over 23 years.

When I say I completely understand your frustration, I mean it.

I’ve supported hundreds of women like you who feel depleted, overwhelmed and just plain burnt out - with no idea how to even begin creating a happy, fulfilling and balanced life.

Look, I know you’ve worked hard to make things better - and none of your efforts was wasted.

The therapy, self-help books and spiritual work did move you further along.

The path to having a balanced life is NOT about doing more - it’s actually about doing LESS.

If you just felt your body relax after reading that, you know it’s true for you.

You see, we women tend to be the natural care-givers and caretakers of the world.

And sadly, we feel in order to “make it” in a man’s world and be respected, we have to match them in everything - especially our production levels.

Here’s the thing: Men are hardwired to be production junkies, that’s how they thrive - it’s in their DNA.

And for women, well, we thrive best when we receive. Period.

You see, we actually have a cap on how much we can do in one day. Unlike men, after we’ve produced all day - we have to rest.

NOT come home and cook, clean, and have a photoshoot ready home at all times.

Operating like that is not only unrealistic, quite frankly, it’s not honouring who you really are.

So if you are going to DO anything, it’s about saying “no” more often, setting boundaries and giving yourself permission to receive the support you need.

So the KEY to shifting you from where you are now to where you would rather be is all about tapping into your beautiful feminine energy.

When you do that, you quickly find yourself getting back...

>> Your TIME

>> Your POWER

>> Your LIFE

This is all about shifting yourself from being a producer - to BEing a receiver.

Now you might be thinking “I have NO idea how to do that!” (most women have that same thought).

This is exactly why I created my courses, starting with The Life Clarity Formula.

Look, I know you’ve already invested years of your precious time trying to figure out how to live an easier, more fulfilling life.

I value your time as much as I do my own.

That’s why I looked at all my BEST tips and information I give to my private clients that are now living a more balanced life - and condensed everything into a simple yet life-changing course that will show you exactly how to connect with your feminine energy in the shortest time possible.


Reclaim 98% of your ME time so you can pause, take a breath and truly enjoy being with yourself, friends and family without the weight of thinking of your “to do” list.

Feel focused and crystal clear with day to day decisions and the direction you want your life to take

Stop being the only one working on your romantic relationship and discover how to inspire your partner to be loving and supportive - while you fully activate your feminine energy.

Experience daily peace and contentment and significantly reduce your stress levels so you are able to shift depression and roller-coaster emotions to feeling more relaxed and like your life is effortless.

Stop feeling physically and emotionally depleted and discover how to fill your “tank” every day so you are supported and nurtured.

Permanently release feelings of shame for the choices you’ve made in the past and (finally!) experience the freedom of a life filled with no regrets.

Experience a significant shift in your mindset from production to receptivity, allowing you to more easily let in support and self-care - with ZERO guilt!

“I have such a busy schedule, why should I

invest my time in this?”

Let me answer that with a question...

How important is it to live an effortless life, reignite the passion in your relationship and feel more connected to your kids and to yourself?

Is it on your top 5 list of things you think about every day of every week?

If you’ve already wasted a lot of precious years starting and ending your day exhausted, living with an uncommunicative partner and always putting yourself last on your list of priorities…

Then you already know you don’t want to waste another minute of another day pretending you are a woman who has it all - you want to BE a woman who is truly living that life.

It’s YOUR time! Join us for this life-changing course full of my very best tips that will accelerate you along and on to your peaceful, feminine path.

Meet Your Feminine Energy Mentor…

Dr. Gina Madrigrano’s approach for 23 years has been to create a nurturing, accepting and student-centered environment with all her presentations. With her wealth of wisdom in positive psychology and holistic medicine that includes nutrition, alternative therapies, epigenetics and neuroplasticity - you are guaranteed to walk away feeling in control of your life and with an abundance of tools and simple strategies that are designed to empower you to heal yourself well beyond her programs - really, for the rest of your life!

As a single mom writing her first book and running a psychology practice with a 6-month waitlist, she knows first hand the challenges and pressures on women to BE everything to everyone. Thankfully she figured out how to make herself a priority many years ago, and is beyond excited to show you the exact steps that will lead you to live a life you LOVE.

With Dr. Gina, you will walk away feeling in control of your life, with an abundance of tools & simple strategies empowering you for the rest of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do the courses start and finish?

The courses start now and never ends! They are completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to these courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

Due to the nature of these online courses, NO REFUNDS will be honoured.

Lessons in 8 Lessons To Finding Peace in a Pandemic : Learn the practices to navigate your way through the COVID-19 crisis.:

  1. 1 Introduction Video

    Objective: Introduction of the course.

  2. 2 Lesson 1: Managing Fear and Anxiety

    Objective: Understand how we can manage anxiety and fear when the threat is real or imagined.

  3. 3 Lesson 2: Keeping Faith and Hope Alive During a Crisis

    Objective: Be able to maintain hope and faith even if things look grimm and we don't understand.

  4. 4 Lesson 3: Self Care and Boundaries

    Objective: In difficult times, it is important to develop a self-care practice and set clear boundaries with ourselves and others.

  5. 5 Lesson 4: Helping Our Children Through a Crisis

    Objective: How to speak to children about the crisis without creating panic or anxiety, and how to help them cope with the new normal.

  6. 6 Lesson 5: Letting Go of Our Need to Control Everything

    Objective: Understanding that the best way to cope with a crisis is to focus on what we can control and let go of what we can't.

  7. 7 Lesson 6: An Opportunity to Heal Old Wounds

    Objective: Using crisis as an opportunity to slow down, go within and addressing issues we keep putting off.

  8. 8 Lesson 7: Staying Connected While Social Distancing

    Objective: Finding creative and fun ways to connect with loved ones while self-isolating and social distancing.

  9. 9 Lesson 8: Creating Your New Reality

    Objective: Redefining our new normal by re-assessing our values and what matters most to us as a stepping stone for the future.

  10. 10 BONUS: Webinar

    Objective: Get some coping strategies.

  11. 11 Podcast: Coping With Extreme Uncertainty

    Objective: Getting control back into our lives.

  12. 12 Podcast: Creating a Daily Schedule to Stay Sane During COVID19.

    Objective: Understand the importance of creating a schedule to reduce stress and anxiety.

  13. 13 BONUS: ebook of Inspirational Quotes

    Objective: Be inspired!

  14. 14 BONUS: How to Stay Calm During a Crisis

    Objective: maintain a healthy perspective in the midst of this crisis.Maintain a healthy perspective in the midst of this crisis.

  15. 15 BONUS: Resource Booklet for Parents and Individuals Coping with COVID19

    Objective: Find great resources all in one place.

  16. 16 BONUS: What Do I Tell My Kids? | The Social Distance Show

    Objective: Learn how to explain the crisis to your kids without causing fear and anxiety.

  17. 17 BONUS: 380+ screen free activities

    Objective: Find great ways to keep you kids and older children occupied.

  18. 18 BONUS: eBook- Benefits of Giving Kids Chores

    Objective: Teach our kids how to help out around the house.

  19. 19 BONUS: Dr. Gina's Podcast

    Objective: Find episodes to support you through the crisis.

  20. 20 BONUS: Glenn Ambrose's Podcast

    Objective: Find episodes to support you through the crisis.

  21. 21 BONUS: Remembering Who You Truly Are - Guided Meditation

    Objective: Re-connect to your authentic self.

  22. 22 BONUS: Inner Kingdom Meditation For Children

    Objective: Learn a guided visualization to help calm the busy mind.

  23. 23 BONUS: The Balloon Ride- Meditation For Children Who Experience Fear & Worry

    Objective: Guide children through a visualization that will help calm their fears and anxiety.

  24. 24 BONUS: Island of the Sleeping Ponies - Meditation : Helping Children Go to Sleep

    Objective: Help your child settle down to sleep.

  25. 25 BONUS: For couples- coping during a pandemic

    Objective: Reinvent your couple while on lockdown.

  26. 26 BONUS: 5 Steps to Finding Peace

    Objective: Strategies to find peace.

  27. 27 Connect with Glenn Ambrose

    Objective: If you would like coaching, contact me.

  28. 28 Connect with Dr. Gina Madrigrano

    Objective: If you would like coaching, contact me.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Hi Dr Gina,
Thank you so much for doing the peace in pandemic course. It was amazing
I took away so much
Thank you
― Rachel Moore
“"Great podcast. So many nice and useful ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings and peace to you."

"Wonderfull. I learned a lot. So helpful and kind. Thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings and peace to you"

"Thank you so much Dr Gina and Ben for sharing this wonderful podcast because it is one of the most important things in life for having a good communication and healthy relationships. Many blessings and peace to you. 💐🙏💐❤️"
(about Dr. Gina's podcast)” ― Ana (Portugal)
“Some very useful tips for me to get some boundaries happening. Thank you💕(about Dr. Gina's podcast)” ― Kylie D. (Australia)
“"Really useful information, thanks everyone for your insights. Love and blessings 💙"
"What an interesting and informative show. Thank you for your insights. I'd like to say that I am also grateful for Ben, he's a gem! Much love to you both 💙"
"Really appreciate the points you made here. Thank you Dr Gina 💙x"” ― Frances (UK)
“Wow, so much excellent advice, thank you!! 🙏🏻😊(about Dr. Gina's podcast)” ― Jillian N (USA)
“Thank you for insightful and timely podcast. Recently realizing for myself that I truly need to be accountable has been very difficult and at times making me feel raw. I am in a better place to handle and explore this because of my regiment meditation practice and having the guidance of a professional. Daily gratitude and mindfulness through out the day. The greatest part of this all is I am now being accountable for myself. Gives me strength to challenge myself. It’s ok. It is hard work. Thank you for your podcasts! There is always something to ponder :) (about Dr. Gina's podcast)” ― Lola (Canada)
“Dr. Gina is great and gives useful, common-sense reminders on how to live our best lives. ” ― Beth M. (USA)
“Excellent podcast. Your statements pertaining to codependency were spot on. I've been working on this a year now and i am making progress! Looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts. Thank you.” ― Beverly (USA)
“I've been talking to Glenn for a little over a year, and now I hardly recognize my life. It's been the same for decades.. struggling with anxiety, frustration, and self-confidence. Now I wake up with actual peace, and I get to do what I love every day. If you want someone who is sharp and honest enough to help you break through your old habits, bullshit, and ego, then you should call him. Every time I talk to Glenn, something new happens in my life, it's that simple!” ― Peggy J.
“"Glenn is amazing! Within the first two months, he took me farther than years of traditional counseling had. I’ve been able to heal old family hurts, make peace with my colleagues at work, and discover sources of joy I didn’t know existed. He knows when to use compassion and gentleness, but also when to push and provoke. Because of Glenn, I now live a saner, happier, and more spiritually connected life. He is worth every cent -- and more!" ” ― Evelyn R.
“"Since beginning to work with Glenn Ambrose as my Life Coach over 6 months ago, my life has changed in a multitude of positive ways. The differences in my thoughts and actions were apparent almost immediately with his guidance. I was taught to change my perception, and learn from my successes as well as my failures. Not only is Glenn supremely easy to talk with but he also advises in a manner that comes without a speck of judgment. I've also received positivity and clarity after attending some of the other workshops offered by him. I would (and actually do to my friends) recommend you go see Glenn if you are looking to change your life in a positive way."” ― Laura C.
“"Like so many people, I had begun feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of life’s stressors: Job, money, bills, kids, family, health, juggling the day to day, etc… I was aware that my own mental, physical and spiritual well being was slipping away but wasn’t able to refocus and organize my efforts towards obtaining a resolution. Through regular interaction, Glenn has challenged me to reroute old thinking patterns that were negatively impacting my physical and mental health. Today, I am in a better position to effectively handle the ebb and flow of life and navigate through obstacles while working towards and reaching goals that are important to me and my family."” ― Lisa P.
“I started listening to Glenn's podcast on Insight Timer, and I liked his style
and humor from Day #1. After some months I contacted him for an explanation of his coaching, the doubts and topics I needed to take care of, and the procedure. We gave it a try with our first ‘video meeting’ and I was happy, comfortable and guided right away. I like his approach to life, his light and fun way of expression, down to earth philosophy and natural spontaneity, beautifully complimented with tons of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. I felt as if I had a good old friend that I just met. Pretty amazing connection. What we have discussed, and the suggestions and ideas he proposed were graspable, doable and totally useful. I could see changes and results immediately and most of all, through the meetings
I’ve learned that if I’m OK, everything is OK. Self Love and Respect were the better tools and the best path to walk on. Thank you, Glenn. I always look so much forward to our next meeting. Gracias Totales.” ― Stefanie Z.
“Dear Gina:
I really, really loved this message. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Take care.” ― JM (Ottawa)
“I’ve been wanting to touch base with you for a while but never prioritized it... Just a little message to let you know that the tools you have shared with me have been “Life changers”. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All is good. My son and I are doing great and we have a new lady in our lives now. I’m living the life that I deserve. Merci Gina. You don’t know how I’m grateful to have crossed paths with you. Hope all is well with you . Again. Merci madame. Merci. Merci. Merci ” ― NC (Ottawa)
“Dr. Gina you will be a tremendous help to all whom are lucky enough to cross paths with you. Although my time was relatively short with you I learned a lot and especially about boundaries. Although it has been a while since my last visit I am still relying heavily on advice you have given me as the issues with my daughter are ongoing but most days I manage with the advice you have given me.Best of luck with your new exciting journey and many thanks.” ― KM (Ottawa)
“ Gina, great article and so in line with what I am experiencing. I so appreciate your support and the help you have provided me to get through this very difficult period in my life.” ― LR (Ottawa)
“Gina -Thank you so much for sending me so many resources after our last appointment. Am using this time to bring in some of these elements now. Really appreciate doing my work with you!” ― LD (Ottawa)
“Wow, quick AND awesome! Thanks so much. Have passed them (resources) all on. Gina, where on earth did you find that resource? Amazing. Namaste 🙏
― MM (Ottawa)
“Wow! What a lovely message Dr Madrigrano. Thank you so much for keeping it real! This will help to support so many people. Warm regards.” ― MB (Ottawa)
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